Police Strongly Denies Six Residents Killed in Deiyai Papua

IndonesiaBangsaku.com – A riot arose during a demonstration in Deiyai, Papua demanding a referendum. Six people were reportedly killed due to clashes with the local security officers during the incident that occurred on Wednesday, 28 August 2019.

The police, however, strongly denied the news that spread on social media. Chief of Public Information Bureau of Indonesian Police’s Public Relations Division, Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyo, explained based on the information he received, that there was no casualty on local residents.

“We have yet been able to clarify the accuracy of such information (that six people were killed),” Prasetyo told VIVAnews on Wednesday, 28 August 2019.

He stated that actually the authorities are the one suffered some casualties. Five police officers and one Indonesian National Army (TNI) member were injured by arrows. The TNI member even died from the injury.

“In fact, from the information we received, the victims were from the authorities. Five police officers and a TNI member were suspected of being injured by arrows. The one (TNI) member even reportedly died,” he said.

Being asked where the group of attackers came from, he had yet been able to confirm. However, it is suspected that the group came from the Armed Criminal Group (KKB).

“The attackers were suspected to be part of KKB,” he said.

Since the riot occurred in Deiyai, Papua, information regarding six civil victims has spread on social media. They were reported dead from bullet shots.

Other information mentioned that the corpses of the victims were still at the reagent’s office and had yet been picked up by their families. Some rumors even said that children were among the casualties. However, the police have confirmed that this information were hoaxes.


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